Hollywood Celebrity Corner

Welcome to American Destination's
Hollywood Celebrity Corner.

We are currently compiling a collection of America's Stars. Our purpose in this site is to introduce you to celebrities, inform you how to book their services for performances, speaking engagements, etc... and how to order celebrity endorsed products.

This is a new concept in the entertainment industry. Please visit this site often to see our growing family of "Your Favorite Stars"

Comedy Clubs

Ice House


Red Buttons
Jimmy "JJ" Walker
John Byner
Bill Kirchenbauer
Fred Travalena
Jim Morris
Pat Paulsen

Phyllis Diller
Smothers Brothers
Soupy Sales
Will Durst


Harry Blackstone Jr.
The Amazing Kreskin


The Association
Micky Dolenz
Davy Jones
The Lettermen
Kingston Trio
The Four Freshmen
The Four Preps
Mason Williams
Glenn Yarbrough

For information on how to arrange performance dates, speaking engagements, or any other personal appearances, please e-mail-- Attention Hollywood's Celebrity Corner, in conjunction with Entertainment Alliance, Santa Rosa, CA
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